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455. Have a tree full of meaningful Christmas ornaments

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Update posted January 18, 2009

I added this item to my list after my first Christmas away from my family. In an attempt to re-create the feeling of Christmas, I went out and bought a tree and boxes and boxes of brand new shiny ornaments. But it just wasn’t the same. Putting up the tree when I was a kid meant pulling out ornaments that had memories. My sisters and I each had a ‘Baby’s First Christmas’ ornament that we treasured. We had ornaments that had been given to us as gifts over time. My favorite was a small stained-glass window that featured a pink angel and had my name engraved along the bottom.

And every year my sisters and I had to make a big deal when my mom wanted to hang up her Santa ornament. She’d had it since she was small. His red suit was faded to pink and he’d been attacked by mold and mildew over the years. In fact, he’d lost his legs altogether. But no matter how many grossed-out noises we made, no matter how loudly we complained, moldy, pink, legless Santa got a spot on our tree front and center every single year.

I’m moving this item to my “Nevermind” list because I no longer celebrate Christmas the way I used to. I haven’t put up a tree in years. If it weren’t for my family and friends celebrating, I think I’d skip it altogether. But I do enjoy exchanging gifts, and so I do. I send my family boxes of gifts, buy small gifts for my friends that are local, and open gifts I receive from family and friends. It’s nice to pause and show appreciation. Of course, we should do that all year long, but time can get away from us so easily.

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