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289. Get a great, fulfilling job

My Story

I suppose that this one has been a ‘work in progress’ since I started working when I was 16. Or maybe even before that since I had a rather popular babysitting service starting around the time I was 12. I mostly enjoyed babysitting, but it’s a lot of work. My favorite part was babysitting kids while their parents enjoyed a Saturday night on the town. I’d spoil the kids with pizza and ice cream, play games and then put them to bed. Then I’d act all grown up and stay up way past my own bed time watching PG13 movies that I couldn’t watch at home on account of my younger sisters and eating snacks. It was nice, but it wasn’t great or fulfilling.

Once I turned 16 and was legally allowed to get a job, I spent years in various jobs doing all kinds of drudgery. Making sundaes and banana splits at the Dairy Queen. Grilling burgers at Wendy’s. Making the best matress you can buy in a mattress factory. Waitressing at Shoney’s. Selling CDs and cassette tapes. Selling books. Selling shoes. Working as a customer service representative in a call center. Trekking through acres of cotton and tobacco fields looking for moths and weeds. Is it any wonder I dreamed of a job I found great and fulfilling.

That whole time I was stumbling around trying to find the thing I wanted to be doing for the rest of my life. That’s a lot of pressure, and I had no idea what direction I wanted to go in. So I decided not to try and pick something that would stay interesting and keep me entertained until I retired and instead decided to try and pick something that seemed interesting and fulfilling for now. That relieved a lot of pressure and I did a little exploring and learned I really loved making web sites. I liked making beautiful things, usable things, helping people promote their message, their business, their event. It’s the closest I’ve ever been to feeling like I’m doing something I was meant to do.

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