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440. Sell something on the internet

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Completed many times over

Admittedly, this was added to my list when the internet was shiny and new and selling something on it seemed nearly impossible and magical. I remember how exciting and impossible it seemed that I could sit at my computer, pick something, enter some information, and the the actual, real, tangible thing would show up at my door shortly thereafter.

But I still did this. Many times. And yes, I’ve used both eBay and CraigsList.

I’ve sold quite a long list of things:

  • CDs
  • Books
  • Candles
  • A half-painted ceramic totem pole
  • A typewriter
  • Movies
  • A bridesmaid dress (sorry Amy!)
  • Shot glasses

It’s amazing the things that people will buy online. Really. Just take a look around sometime.

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