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438. See and report a UFO

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Updated August 3, 2009

I love watching those shows on television where they interview all kinds of people about UFOs that they’ve seen and analyze ancient cave paintings trying to show that they’re actually pictures of aliens.

But truth be told, I’m kind of on the fence about whether or not UFOs exist and have visited our planet. I neither believe nor disbelieve.

The universe is so incredibly vast – do we really thing that out infinity, we got the one planet that was capable of supporting life? Look at the way life clings to practically every possible place on our planet – even places so inhospitable that life is unthinkable, yet, it thrives. Why would we think such a force would be limited to our own planet?

But then, there’s the practicalities of interplanetary or intergalactic travel. How advanced must a civilization be to have overcome all the barriers? It seems almost impossible that even if there is live elsewhere in the universe that it would have been able to pay us a visit.

But maybe one day I’ll see for myself.

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