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42. Do something scandalous

My Story

Completed November 2004

The Friday after Thanksgiving, me and three girlfriends (who will remain nameless) decided to take ourselves out for a nice dinner. We chose an adorable little Italian restaurant. We ordered a bottle of wine and shared a divine salad as our starter.

The cook sent us a delectable little plate of tasties to try.

We ordered entrees and another bottle of wine. We flirted with the waiter.

He decided that it was one girl’s birthday. He brought us a dessert and each a glass of sweet dessert wine.

Then he joined us at the table and we took turns singing songs and drank another bottle of wine, a sweet sparkly red wine.

Finally, we decided to go to a local hotel to use the hot tub. We invited the waiter to come along. Two girls actually went inside to the reception desk and asked for towels. We stripped to bras and underwear and lounged in the tub. The waiter thought we should play a game.

Here’s the game he thought up: He would close his eyes and one of us would kiss him, then he would have to guess who had kissed him. He insisted that they always played this game in Italy. We went along with him, giggling and shoving each other to kiss him.

Then we decided we should teach him an American game: light as a feather, stiff as a board.

It’s always a bad idea to play light as a feather, stiff as a board in a hot tub with a waiter who is wearing tighty whities.

We lifted him out of the water, then all screamed and let go of him, dropping him down into the water. He came up shaking the water out of his hair and said, “Now what?”

“Oh, that’s it,” we said. “Game over.”

“That’s it? That’s a stupid game,” he said.

Then we all pulled on clothes over our wet underclothes and dropped the waiter off at his car at the restaurant.

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