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414. Cast a spell

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Updated January 2010

I have no idea where it originally came from, but somehow a book of magic spells ended up in my hands when I was a kid. I spent hours pouring over it, fascinated by the stories told inside. The first half of the book was collected up stories of witches and witchcraft from the three witches that open MacBeth to more modern tales of voodoo practitioners in different parts of the world. The book ended with a collection of simple spells. I remember one about a love spell that involved a white candle, honey and an apple.

I never did any of them, but they were fascinating to me.

While I was single and frustrated at my singleness, I bought a beautiful little book called “Awaiting a Lover” which was not so much a book of spells, but a series of little assignments and fun things to do to keep your positive thoughts going and your heart open to finding love. Maybe those could be considered casting spells, but I don’t really think so.

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