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41. Fill an oversized bank with change and use the money for a gambling trip

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Updated December 1, 2009

I used to work with a man named Donald. He and I held this opinion that change wasn’t “real” money. When you look in your wallet or purse to see how much money you have, you don’t count the change. It just sits there in the bottom and multiplies until you’re weighted down.

That’s when you drag it out and count it and realize that you have $5 or maybe $10 in there. See, then you can use the money to buy yourself something that your ordinarily wouldn’t spend $5 or $10 on because it’s “free” money. Completely illogical, isn’t it? Yet, it somehow seems stupid to waste hard-earned wages on gambling but okay to spend change for the same purpose.

But I was recently advised that actually accumulating change in a large bank for months or years is actually a waste because you *could* be putting that money in a savings account and earning interest.

It’s hard to argue with that. After giving that some thought, I modified my plan. I counted up my change each month and deposited it in a savings account to earn some interest. It worked for awhile.

But then I discovered that if you used the CoinStar machines to count your change *and* used the change to purchase gift certificates instead of getting cash back, that you didn’t have to pay for the coin counting service. So now I gather up my change whenever the dish gets full and take it to redeem it for Amazon gift cards.

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