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39. Light a candle in the Holocaust Museum’s Hall of Remembrance

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Updated February 8, 2009

One day while riding the bus in Los Angeles, I saw an older couple. They sat close together and held hands. When they got to their stop – the husband helped his wife up. I thought they were so cute. I thought they were so happy. I hoped that I would meet someone and have such a happy and cute life. As the man reached up to grab the strap to steady himself, his sleeve slid up. That’s when I saw the tattoo on his arm. Suddenly, I was so sad for him, for them.

Violence and cruelty make me feel sick to my stomach. I don’t like to know the depths of human evil. But I think it’s important to know and understand history – if for nothing else, to learn of some way to prevent such terrible things from happening.

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum maintains an eternal flame in the beautiful Hall of Remembrance. Visitors can light candles in the room to honor those affected by the Holocaust.

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