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375. Leave the bed unmade for a month

My Story

Completed the first time in November 2004

I thought that this was one thing that I would never be able to finish. I *always* make my bed. If I wake up late, then I make my bed as soon as I get home from work. If I’m too busy all day, then I make my bed before I go to bed. I just can’t sleep in an unmade bed. When I was a teenager, my family picked on me because in the midst of my disastrously messy bedroom, my bed was always perfectly made.

That’s what I believed about myself. Then I moved into a teeny-tiny apartment. I couldn’t figure out how I was going to fit everything in, until the Ikea catalog came in the mail and there it was – a full-size loft bed.

I loved that loft bed. It wass comfortable and cozy. I had my creative office space underneath it. If I weren’t tall for a girl, it probably would have been tall enough for me to stand under with stooping down.

The one problem I had was that it was nearly impossible to make the bed. It would take me nearly a half an hour to get it done right, and that’s just way to much time to spend making the bed each day. Plus, it was so high, it was nearly impossible to tell the bed wasn’t made. It took some time to adjust, but for the two years I lived there, I only made my bed a few times.

As soon as I moved out of that apartment, I went back to a regular bed, and went back to obsessively making my bed everyday. Because that’s who I am.

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