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37. Hang-glide

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Updated August 11, 2009

I don’t typically think of myself as someone who is afraid of heights. I’m not, for example, someone who gets nervous on the first step of a step ladder. But I am nervous at any height where a fall could result in bodily injury or death – that’s just good sense.

So, I would not, for example, fancy a walk along a tight rope strung between two skyscrapers, nor would I fancy a walk along the edge of a rooftop of a two-story house.

So the idea of standing on a high cliff or mountain and jumping into the breeze with nothing but a flimsy set of canvas wings to prevent me from plummeting to certain death might seem a bit absurd.

But I think the fear would probably be outweighed by the cool, crisp air, the amazing panoramic views, and the sensation of flying through the air like a bird, even if I was rather weighted down with safety gear and harnesses. I bet I’d hardly notice.

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