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To Do

35. Build a tree house or a club house

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Updated November 15, 2009

There were three things I wanted more than anything in the world as a kid that I never got. The first was an EZ Bake Oven – a couple of my friends had them, and I wanted one too. The second was to go away to summer camp. It just seemed so wonderful to spend a summer swimming, hiking, doing crafts, and being independent.

The third thing was a tree house or club house. Really, I just wanted a little place where I could go with some cookies and a good book to hide away for a few hours. I drew up all kinds of secret plans and repainted and refurnished my little club house over and over again.

If I’m honest with myself, I’d still love to have a little cozy place where I could go to do whatever and just be alone with my thoughts.

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