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319. Have my own stand at a carnival

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Updated April 13, 2009

I worked at a carnival one weekend during college. A friend of mine had worked for the guy before – it was hard to resist. It was long days and hard work, but the money was really good. I worked at a booth making funnel cakes and frozen lemonade. When we got tired of eating funnel cakes, we made a big stack of funnel cakes and walked the carnival grounds, looking for another booth to barter with. Lucky us – the guys working at the Philly cheesesteak booth were in the mood for some funnel cakes.

I remember how tired, thirsty, and hungry we were after the third long, hot day. The group of five of us who had worked the funnel cake/frozen lemonade booth went out for dinner and nearly ran the poor waitress’s feet off making her refill our drinks over and over while we ate a giant dinner.

I have to come up with some delicious easy to make treat I can sell at a carnival booth.

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