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295. Learn to knit

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Completed 2001/2002

I’ve decided to move this one to the complete list, not because I’m a master knitter, but because I can knit. In fact, I rather like it. I could always use more practice, but I’ll get better.

I started with dishcloths, knitted from cotton yarn. It’s a good idea because even if you really mess it up, you can still use it to wash your dishes. Who cares how pretty a dishcloth is?

From there, I moved to easy things like scarves, then made some stuffed snowmen complete with little hats and scarves. Last Christmas, I made hats and scarves for several family members. Then my friend had a baby boy and I made him a little hat and socks. I attempted a sweater for myself, but got really frustrated with it, especially when I realized that I wasn’t going to like the fit at all. But I’ll get better.

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