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28. Take yoga classes

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Completed June 2004

I was going through a weird transitional time of my life when I first stumbled into yoga. You know what I’m talking about. One of those times when you’re not who you were, but not yet who you’ll become. I was in the midst of change and wasn’t really sure where it was going yet or how it was going to turn out. I walked into a bookstore and there was a book, Yoga for Women sitting on the shelf. I bought it and took it home to try it out.

At first it felt awkward and strange. My body felt stiff. But it helped. It helped me concentrate and focus on one thing at a time when it was hard for me to hold my attention on one thing. I still have that book, I’ve owned it for over 10 years now. And for a long time, it was the only yoga that I knew and practiced. I tended to pull out the book and work through the poses whenever I was feeling lost.

Then I discovered videos, dvds and TV shows. I still found myself falling in and out of yoga practice, using it only to ease myself through times of change and unrest. Practicing it diligently every day for weeks or even months, but then going for weeks or months without it.

Finally, I tried a class. It was intense. A 2-hour class in Yin Yoga. It was challenging and relaxing and it felt good to be in a room with so many other people who were enjoying the same thing. I had always been afraid of going to a class, afraid that I wasn’t “doing it right” or afraid that I somehow wouldn’t fit in. It was nice being there though. The studio was warm, lit by floor-to-ceiling windows, and filled with all different kinds of people in comfortable yoga clothes.

I still fall in and out of yoga practice, and am currently regularly attending classes with my dear friend, Kim at least once a week. I find the classes challenging, especially in the beginning when I’m frazzled and stressed and can barely stand to be in my own skin when I’m suddenly expected to be still and hold a pose for a minute or two. But by the end, I feel good – relaxed, open, focused, and tired in a good way.

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