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281. Throw flower petals instead of rice at my wedding

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Updated February 2, 2009

I remember when I was a kid, it was normal to throw rice at a wedding. As you left the church, someone standing at the door would hand you a little satin pouch or a little satin flower that was filled with rice. You’d all gather on the steps and front walkway of the church and wait for the bride and groom to emerge so you could shower them in rice.

Then it became controversial. Stories spread about it causing birds to get sick and die, or even explode. Well, it turns out that’s an urban legend, but a bunch of rice is pretty tough to clean up, and pretty slippery and dangerous on concrete sidewalks and steps. So no more throwing rice. Some people threw birdseed for awhile thinking that would be healthier for birds, but of course, a bunch of bird seed attracts a bunch of birds that aren’t potty-trained, so they leave behind a big mess.

I can’t imagine anyone would object to flower petals. They’re soft, beautiful, fragrant, and would just blow away in the wind.

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