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260. Buy a car with cash

My Story

Attempted January 2008

I was being a good little saver and saving up my pennies to buy a new car. My old car was getting pretty old (220,000 miles) but was still in acceptable condition.

But then a friend was selling her car – a car I had always loved and envied. I thought about it for a month, weighed all the options, and decided to go for it. I used the money I had saved to cover half of it and took out a loan for the other half. I really would have liked to have waited another year or so and been able to buy a car with cash, but the opportunity to buy a car that I loved at a great price was too much to resist.

I’m already saving my pennies for the car that will replace this one. Hopefull this time I’ll be able to hold out against temptation long enough to have the cash saved up.

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