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259. Make homemade ice cream

My Story

Completed May 2001

When I was little, my family had an old ice cream maker. Not an antique, because it was electric, but it was old enough that the ice bucket was wood. As the paddle churned away, salt water would run away from the ice cream maker in streams, and we’d re-fill it with ice and salt. Hours later, we’d all enjoy the treat. Somehow homemade ice cream never tastes anything like the stuff you buy at the grocery store.

When we’d have family reunions, everyone who owned an ice cream maker would bring it, with a batch of custard already made up. While we ate and played Frisbee, the makers would churn away, and then we’d all relax and cool down with peach and strawberry ice cream made from fresh fruit.

So, imagine how excited I was to buy an ice cream maker of my very own. I took it to a barbeque and treated everyone. Of course, my ice cream maker was new, and the bucket was plastic, so I didn’t need to re-fill the ice and salt. And it finished making the ice cream in under an hour. But it still tasted the same as I remember. Creamy, sweet, and soft.

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