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255. Make a photo album or collage for someone

My Story

Completed December 1999

I made a photo album for my stepfather featuring our family’s pet: Max. Max was a lovable mutt with a personality all his own. It was really sad when Max had to be put to sleep.

I had to get my Mom and sisters to conspire with me and send me lots of pictures of Max. He was not a pretty dog. In fact, he didn’t even smell nice. He was part hound and had that perpetual doggy smell about him. He always managed to pull some shenanigan to throw everyone off-kilter.

Like the Christmas morning when he hurt his paw pretty badly just because he was anxious to get through the door and outside. Instead of opening presents, we all waited anxiously while my stepdad tried to convince the veterinarian to come to his office to perform the emergency stitches Max needed. Or the Easter than Max helped himself to our ham. Or the time he caught and ate a squirrel, swallowing the big bushy tail whole. Or even the time he got excited about our new remote-control car and ran around the parking lot after it until his paws were bleeding.

But maybe I’m making it sound like we didn’t take very good care of Max, and that’s not true. We all loved him very much. He was very much a part of the family. Every summer, we vacationed in a state park with a huge river, and we used to go intertubing. Max had his own intertube and he would ride down the river with us. Max could climb ladders to visit the attic with us. He was happiest spending time with the family. That’s why I spent so much time lovingly creating a memory photo album dedicated just to Max.

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