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250. Have my own radio show

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Updated February 9, 2009

I’m a big fan of needle arts – I’m learning to crochet and embroider, I can already knit pretty well, and I absolutely adore counted cross stitch. All of these things are time-consuming labors of love, and all things that can be done with a distraction. A group of like-minded women (or men, no discrimination!) is great, but not always available. Watching television or movies is good too, but it can be hard to spend a lot of time looking at the screen.

I discovered talk radio while working on a big counted cross stitch project a few years ago. I’d sit and listen for hours – to crazy opinions, advice, reports of UFO sightings, political views, anything at all. It was the perfect thing to keep my mind entertained without requiring me to look at anything. I’d like to return the favor – entertain fellow knitters for a few hours.

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