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241. Be a deejay

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Completed November 1991

In high school, a beloved classmate’s parents decided to move to a new town. We were all sad – we’d miss her so much. We had a huge four-car garage attached to our house, and I got my parents to reluctantly agree to let me and my friends throw a big going away party in the garage. My friends came over and helped me move all the junk to the back behind some dividers or to the basement or attic of the garage. We moved the family’s stereo system out to the garage and put up twinkle lights and signs wishing her well.

I spent two sleepless weeks staying awake and recording songs from the radio onto cassette tapes so we’d have the perfect mix of the newest music to play at our party. I filled hours worth of cassettes and proudly played them during the party. I had so much fun, and I think the music was perfect.

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