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To Do

2. Spend some time traveling around Europe.

My Story

Updated September 18, 2009

I’m not sure why young people feel like they’re in such a hurry to live their lives – I remember feeling like I had to hurry up and get everything done. Hurry up and finish college, hurry up and get married, hurry up and find a career.

Now I look back at that time and I wonder, what was the rush? Why didn’t I take six months or a year and just travel around, visiting all the places I wanted to see? Because I rushed, rushed, rushed myself into a pile of debt and responsibility that makes such a thing impossible.

I haven’t given up hope, though. I’ll still spend long stretches of time traveling abroad. With the way the world is shaping up, I barely need more than a laptop and an internet connection to be able to go just about anywhere and get work done – leaving hours of each day left for exploring and experiencing.

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