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To Do

229. Nurse a sick bird back to health

My Story

Completed July 2009

A sick little pigeon showed up on our doorstep one day. We gave him bread and water and he seemed to recover and we were ready to send him on his merry way.

Except he wasn’t ready to go on his merry way. He hung around for days.  We finally thought that if we left him outside on his own, he’d eventually give up and fly home. Nope. He flew at the windows, pecked at the door, and hung out spying on us until we finally relented.

We tried to take him a few miles up the road and let him go, but an hour later, he was at our door again, pecking to be let in.

Luckily, his leg was banded. We looked him up and identified his owner through a pigeon site online. We had to call the man to come and get his pigeon back.

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