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22. Get a makeover

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Updated July 4, 2009

I love watching makeovers, especially What Not to Wear. It’s not just the dramatic change a few simple things can make in a person’s appearance, but the even more dramatic difference it makes in their self-confidence, their outlook, and the way they carry themselves.

When I dress nicely, and take care with my hair and makeup and pick out just the right shoes, I feel like a million bucks – like I’m ready to take on the world, no matter what happens. When I’m feeling uncomforable or like what I’m wearing is too casual or unflattering, I just want to hide – I don’t want anyone to look at me at all.

I’d love to have an impartial opinion on what I should be doing with my hair, what colors of makeup I should be wearing, and what cuts of clothing look best on me. It’s the kind of thing we’re never formally taught, but is so valuable to know. It can make all the difference in the world in how we feel and how we face our days.

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