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220. Learn to inline skate

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Updated September 6, 2009

Admittedly, this was added to my list when inline skating was still cool. About ten years ago, I spent my income tax refud on a pair of top-of-the-line inline skates and special inline skating socks that wicked moisture away and padded your feet in all the right places.

That was also when I lived in the coastal plain of North Carolina, and there was no shortage of flat surfaces where it was easy to practice and learn. But then I moved – to Pennsylvania where it was anything but flat and there weren’t many areas at the least bit friendly to inline-skating beginners. Not only that, but out of some belief that inline skating posed some kind of threat to others, inline skating was forbidden on the university campus where I worked and in many other parts of the city.

I’ve since moved back to California where the Venice Beach boardwalk has miles of flat, smooth surface ideal for learning inline skating. Only now, people ride old-school roller skates and bicycles instead of inline skates.

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