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218. Take a milk bath

My Story

Completed January 2004.

I had my first milk bath at Burke Williams Day Spa in Santa Monica in January 2004.

I say my first, because it was an experience I will definitely want to repeat.

Before my bath, I had slipped out of my spa robe and ducked into the most magnificent shower ever. A huge stall with a glass door. Piles of white wash clothes and towels. A shower head plus jets all along the walls.

Just as I was stepping out and pulling my robe back on, they called my name for my milk bath.

I walked along a short candle-lit hallway to the bath room. Two humongous bath tubs ran the length of the room on either side. A smiling attendant helped me slip out of the robe and helped me up the steps into my tub, which was already running full of milky white water, a heavenly scent, and tons of bubbles. I settled back onto the cushiony back rest and just floated. The attendant let the bath tub fill with steamy milky water until it actually over flowed. There was a little moat around the tub to catch the overflow. She pulled a thick, dark velvet curtain around my tub for privacy, then she left me to soak, up to my neck in bubbles.

A few minutes later, she brought cucumber slices for my eyes and a cool citrus-y sparkling drink for me to sip on.

It was heaven. For the 30 minutes it lasted. When my time was up, the attendant held up the largest towel I have ever seen. I climbed up the steps out of the tub and she wrapped the towel around me. It was so wonderful and relaxing – and I still had a massage and a facial to look foward to.

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