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216. Restore an old house

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Updated January 31,2011

I had this idea way back before tv shows like Property Ladder and Flip This House were popular, but while they lasted, those shows were some of my favorite time-wasters.

For some reason, we all seem to be on this path toward thinking that fast and cheap are more important than quality. We’re becoming a disposable society where it’s cheaper to buy a brand new ink jet printer than it is to simply buy replacement ink cartridges and where it’s nearly always a more economically sound decision to throw something away and buy a new one than to repair the one you have. That seems sad to me.

I rented an apartment that and old, old stove in it – and it still worked beautifully. My friend had one in her apartment too – except hers still had the built-in salt and pepper shakers that had come with it. What’s more, these stoves weren’t just useful, they were beautiful to look at. They had character.

I feel the same way about older homes. I think you’re getting a better quality product even if it is in disrepair, then if you were to buy a new house. And think of how proud you would be of the home when you were finished working on it. I have no delusions about the time and work that would go into it. But I think it would be worth it in the end.

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