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206. Sew a quilt

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Updated October 28, 2009

I’ve already got some fabric cut out that I’d like to make into a quilt. I’m not much for wearing t-shirts, so I took all the t-shirts I got at various events in high school and cut out the designs, intending to make them into a quilt. Let’s see, we’re coming up on my 20-year reunion, and I still haven’t made my quilt.

Quilting is getting to be somewhat popular these days, with special high-quality fabrics being sold at impressive prices to make lasting heirloom quilts. I’ve also seen stunning examples of quilts on display at art shows with fabulous colors and intricate needlework.

That’s all well and good, but good old fashioned quilts, made from the leftovers of worn out shirts and pants appeals to me a lot more.

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