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201. Solve a mystery

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Updated May 25, 2009

I love a good mystery. I was never much of a fan of Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys when I was growing up, but I was  completely enamoured with the Boxcar Children. I’d take one of those out of the library, stick my nose in it and not come up for air until I’d read the last page.

I’m also a big fan of mystery tv shows like Unsolved Mysteries. Even if it means that sometimes I can’t sleep afterward, I get absorbed in wondering what happened and what explanation there might be.

I also like big mysteries, like the Carolina Bays – what caused them and what exactly are they? Or the Lost Colony of Roanoke – where did an entire village of people disappear to? Or what happened to the entire crew and all the passengers on board the Mary Celeste?

I’d love to solve a big mystery like that – or just a small one like where do socks go when they disappear from the wash?

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