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196. Swim in each of the seven seas

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Updated May 25, 2009

The Seven Seas always puzzled me. I remember learning in fourth grade that there were four oceans and then hundreds of seas, so I wondered what on Earth people were talking about when they said “The Seven Seas.”

So, my first step in figuring out this mystery and then actually swimming in each of the seven was to figure out what they were. Just in case you’re curious, they are:

  1. North Atlantic
  2. South Atlantic
  3. Indian Ocean
  4. North Pacific
  5. South Pacific
  6. Arctic Sea
  7. Antarctic Ocean

So far, I can check two of those seven off my list: the North Pacific and the North Atlantic. Now that I see the list, I’m a little leary about swimming in the Arctic and the Antarctic. Somehow when I pictured the Seven Seas, I thought of lush, tropical surroundings with sailboats and such. But who knows? Maybe I’ll join the Polar Bear club.

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