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17. Research my family’s history

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Updated June 27, 2009

I don’t know that this will ever be a project that I make the necessary commitment to.

Every couple years, I dig out my research and do a little more work on it. The more time that slips by, though, the harder it is to dig up the information. People pass on and new people are born. But they are all my family. I start to wonder if what my great great grandfather did for a living is as important as what my 9-year-old nephew wants to be when he grows up.

It feels as though time is so precious and I wonder if my time is best spent digging up facts about people I never met and never knew. Isn’t it better to research my family’s present? Isn’t it better to spend time writing about my life, putting it together with photos and postcards and ticket stubs so that if my future great grandchildren want to know something about me, it’s all right there? And I wonder, will anyone wonder about my life?

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