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167. Get a pedicure

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Completed February 2009

I love having pretty feet and toes and established a routine of spending an hour or more each Sunday filing, moisturizing, and painting my nails. I had been scared away from so-called “professional” pedicures by horror stories of fungus and other infections spreading from unsanitized tools, and friends’ stories of the pedicurist digging at their feet until they bled. Ew!

Then I learned that unsanitized tools and bleeding feet were the hallmark of an extremely unprofessional pedicurist. And I learned how to find a good one. A little nervous, I sat in the massage chair and relaxed. The tools were in a sealed plastic container that the pedicurist opened in front of me. She cleaned the whirlpool tub with bleach as soon as my pedicure was finished. And there was absolutely no pain involved – and no bleeding either. I came away with a beautiful pedicure – better than if I had done it myself, and in the same amount of time.

Now I’m hooked. I go every other week.

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