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164. Sketch the ocean on a deserted beach

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Updated January 5, 2010

If I thought about it for a moment, I could probably tell you almost the exact date that I put this one on my list.

I was drifting, feeling a little lost and wondering what on earth I wanted to do with my life when I spotted a posting on the big bulletin board in my college’s student union. A wellness trip to the Bahamas that involved learning self care, self esteem, and relaxation. It struck a chord – I knew I had to go.

I barely scraped together the money, and attended all the pre-trip meetings. There were 20 of us or so going and we had a lot of details to work out.

I took my journal and pencils with me and had every intention of getting up early each morning to have some alone time writing and sketching on the beach alone. But it didn’t happen. Spending the days swimming and hiking and being physically active meant I slept like a log the entire night through and didn’t wake until everyone else was up and making breakfast aboard the boat.

I’ll still find time at some point to get this one done, though. Perhaps when I head back to the Bahamas.

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