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157. Watch kittens being born

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Updated May 31, 2010

I love cats – I grew up in a household where we always had at least one cat. Daisy was one of my favorites. She was a stray cat my stepdad picked up and brought home. Even though Daisy was a family pet and not just mine, she and I had a special bond. She slept in my bed at night.

As is so often the case with female strays, Daisy very quickly turned out to be pregnant. Shortly after we brought her home, she gave birth to five kittens – two gray and white cats we named Squeaky and Squauky, an all-black cat we named Spooky, a black and white cat we named Bootsy and a tabby cat (like Daisy) we named Tiger.

I didn’t get to see them being born, but Daisy did have them in my bed. She didn’t even make a mess. She pulled tissues out of the tissue box on my nightstand and put them down on the bed. I felt so bad I missed it.

Since I always spay my pets, I’m not sure when I’ll have a chance to see kittens being born again, but I’ll keep my eye out for the opportunity.

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