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156. Build an igloo

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Attempted a few different times during my childhood

I grew up in Pennsylvania, near the Great Lakes where we were frequently the victims of “lake-effect” snow. Lake effect snow meant it would snow 3 feet overnight and school wouldn’t be canceled. It was such a matter of routine, nobody batted an eyelash as they waded through the snow up to their waists carrying their backpacks full of books and pencils.

Some years the snow started as early as October and some years it lasted until May. All that snow around all that time, you have to find things to do with it besides brush it off your car. So we’d bundle up in layers upon layers of winter clothes and spend hours outside sledding, building snow men, having snowball fights, and occasionally trying out really ambitious projects like giant walls, caves, or igloos.

Somehow, the roof of the igloo always caved in so there was never anything more than a 3-foot high circle of snow with maybe a door built into it if we were thoughtful enough to have left ourselves a doorway. Conventional wisdom, though, said that the Eskimos cut away the door of the igloo last, so more often than not, that’s what we planned to do too. If only the roof would have held up.

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