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155. Learn a new word everyday for a whole year

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Updated February 6, 2009

I suppose this one should be easy enough, and there are a couple of different ways I could go about it. I could get one of those word-a-day calendars at the beginning of one year and just work through it.

Or, I could sign up for one of several different word a day services and get a new word in my email every day.

Or, there was the approach of the silly vocabulary club some friends and I created in high school. We’d just open the dictionary to a random page and find the first word we didn’t know on that page. Then we’d have tremendous fun trying to use that day’s word at least five times in sentences to bewildered teachers and classmates. That was definitely the most fun and I’ll never forget Amy trying to tell our gym teacher that she couldn’t participate in gym class that day because she was feeling ‘virtiginous’.

It’s really making sure to use the words several times that ensures you’ll learn them. Twenty years later, I still know virtiginous and nermenean.

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