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152. Send Valentines to everyone

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Completed February 2000

I sent out a ton of Valentines and baked big trays full of cakes and cookies for friends. I figured a Valentine they could eat would be more welcome than a little piece of paper. There were heart-shaped sugar cookies, heart-shaped jam-filled cookies, heart-shaped chocolate cakes, and pink cupcakes topped with pink frosting and cherries.

When you’re in elementary school, Valentine’s Day is such a big deal. You get all those treats, you make mailboxes to receive your Valentines. You spend hours at home addressing Valentines to your classmates. But after you grow up, it’s not really much of a holiday at all, unless you’re in a couple where you traditionally spend too much money on flowers marked up just for the day, and then go out to dinner at some restaurant with a Valentine’s Day menu where they over-charge you for mediocre food.

The elementary school celebration was more fun, don’t you think? I do, so that’s why I put this on the list – to try and re-capture that fun spirit.

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