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150. Inspire someone

My Story

Completed many times over, most recently October-December 2004

I’ve learned that the best way to inspire someone is to simply do your own thing, be your own person, follow your own dreams, achieve your own goals. Be yourself.

My most recent bout of inspiring someones was finally moving back to California, and after spending 3 months living on a friend’s couch followed by a year living with a roommate, finally finding my own little apartment on the Westside. Yes, it is small. And expensive. But it is worth it.

I furnished and decorated according to my tastes. I am so happy with the way that it turned out. I was excited to show my friends. They came to see and then later said things to me like, “I was so inspired after seeing your little apartment, I went home and went on a big cleaning and organizing streak.” or “I was inspired by the way you made your place so cozy. Now I’m determined to make my home feel more like home.”

Sometimes you complete the things on your to do list without even looking. Or trying.

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