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141. Get a Master’s degree

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Updated May 31, 2010

I always intended to continue my education and earn my Master’s degree and possibly my PhD. A couple years after I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree, I found out about a scholarship program that sent a dozen or so students to various schools in Ireland to earn their Master’s degrees in 1 year.

The application process was pretty demanding – I had to write essays, choose schools and majors, submit 10 copies of my photo, fill out a many pages long application, and then put it all in the mail to see what happened. Hopefully nowadays, they can do most of that online.

They selected a certain number of finalists to come to Washington DC for a couple of days for a round of in-person interviews – I was sure I’d at least make it that far, but disappointingly, I never heard a peep from the scholarship committee.

After that, I felt kind of discouraged. Now that I’ve got a job and am out in the workforce, I no longer feel like I need a Master’s degree to be successful, but I still am considering earning one for personal growth reasons instead of career reasons.

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