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To Do

140. Throw a coin in the Fontana de Trevi in Rome

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Updated March 21, 2010

At the end of my visit to Rome, I’ll visit the Trevi Fountain and throw a coin into the fountain to ensure that I’ll return to Rome again one day.

I’m so looking forward to it – I feel so attracted to and excited by Italy – the food, the people, the scenery. I almost moved to Italy a couple of years ago, on a whim basically, although I still haven’t even been there. A friend and I were going to rent a villa in Umbria and stay as long as we can. We both have web worker jobs that can be done online from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, so we saw no reason to stay rooted to one place.

But of course life always brings surprises and soon enough I found a good reason to stay put: a fiance. I’ll still visit Rome one day.

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