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120. Hire someone to do my spring cleaning

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Updated February 7, 2010

I don’t know if there’s anything in the world I hate more than cleaning. Ugh. What a horrible, awful, no good job.

I think I hate it so much because sometimes it seems so pointless to spend half and hour polishing the stove top and cleaning up the kitchen only to have to do it again four or five hours later when you make the next meal.

It’s endless. It drives me crazy. I tend to clean, really clean, my kitchen and then not cook anything for days to keep it that way. Or try to come up with reasons why I should sleep somewhere besides the bed that has fresh sheets and is made up with perfect hospital corners. Entropy is the law of the universe – cleaning is just the endless futile fighting against that law.

So I’d be more than happy to hand the job over to someone else.

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