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117. Stomp grapes in Tuscany

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May 11, 2009

Yes, I am a fan of ‘I Love Lucy’. Why do you ask?

Once upon a time, wanting to learn more about wine, I rented a wine course from Netflix. It had many DVDs each covering a specific varietal of wine, explaining where it came from, what its characteristics were, and what foods were best paired with that wine. It was intensely boring and incredibly snobby and I watched less than half the series before removing the rest of the DVDs from my queue.

Wine seems to be one of those human inventions that has taken on an entire life of its own. Think of the number of people in the world whose lives are devoted to growing grapes, fermenting them properly, judging, recommending, buying, and selling wine.

Even though my wine knowledge is small, I am interested in the sensation of stomping on piles and piles of the purple globes, feeling the juice between my toes, and no doubt walking around for days afterward with my feet and ankles stained purple. It must be a tremendous amount of fun, even if the practice does make me a little wary of raising the beverage to my lips afterward.

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