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108. Sit in first class

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Updated November 6, 2009

Well, I haven’t exactly scored a seat in first class, but I did get pay a few extra bucks once on one of the newer casual travel airlines for an upgrade to something I think they called Elite Business Class or something like that. It was probably the closest thing that airline had to first class, and it was the closest I’ve been to it so far. I got a big comfy seat, access to satellite radio, and better food and drink choices as well as more attentive service then the people sitting in the back of the plane. Unfortunately, that was on the shorter leg of a cross country trip. I definitely could have used the luxury on the long haul from East Coast to West Coast.

Anyway, I’ll keep flying and hoping for the lucky upgrade one of these days. Or else I’ll just have to accumulate enough frequent flyer miles to earn it.

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