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11. Learn ballroom and swing dancing

My Story

Updated August 1, 2009

I stand firm by the notion that this item was added to the list in high school – way before Dancing with the Stars made ballroom dancing cool again, and really, even before the big Swing fad in the early to mid-nineties when it was easy to find a place to go swing dancing any night of the week.

My desire to learn ballroom and swing has two roots – one is my obsession with anything romantic and old-fashioned, and the other with the hope that learning to dance would make my clumsy self just a little bit more graceful.

I did take a salsa lesson, and it went pretty well – no tripping over my own feet or causing my partners any kind of bodily harm. It was definitely a confidence booster.

I suppose the only problem with learning ballroom and swing is that when would you ever get to use it? It’s not like you can just break out in a tango while you’re waiting in line at McDonald’s…or can you?

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