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97. Learn to sail

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Updated November 18, 2009

One year for spring break, a group of 20 college women car pooled from North Carolina to Miami, Florida. When we arrived, we found our boat, the Shark XIV, and our skipper, Captain Joe, waiting for us at the docks. After a ridiculous stop at a grocery store loading up on everything we’d possibly need for an entire week for 21 people, we loaded it all onto the boat and set sail in the week hours of the morning for the Bahamas.

Captain Joe was determined that we each learn how to sail. We were assigned put into teams of two and each team was assigned a two hour shift, during which that team would be responsible for steering the boat and keeping us on course for the Berry Islands.

We’d have lessons with Captain Joe and by the end of the week, each of us learned a lot, though not nearly enough to go around taking our own sailboats out on trips. It would be fun to learn more and be able to take myself out from time to time.

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