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94. Spend a week at a spa

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Updated September 19, 2010

I spent a day at a spa once, and it was divine. I can’t imagine the indulgence of spending an entire week being pampered like that. Though with the way I tend to work myself to death, it would surely be 100% deserved.

I’m actually going on a vacation in six days – I seriously considered spending the week at a spa. I was discouraged by prices at American spas – as much as $500/night and that didn’t even include any spa services! I didn’t think I’d be able to afford my week at a spa until I won the lottery or something. But then I got the brilliant idea of looking elsewhere in the world for spas. I found a marvelous one in the southwestern part of Costa Rica that was only about $50/night and had reasonably priced spa services as well.

The unfortunate thing about this wonderful spa, was that it was out in the middle of nowhere, and the roads in Costa Rica aren’t the best and safest roads in the world. Since I’m going by myself, I didn’t think it would be wise. I spoke to a travel agent who immediately confirmed my fears – Costa Rica is perfectly safe for a woman traveling along – as long as she doesn’t try to rent a car and drive herself somewhere.


So, I asked the travel agent for some help and she booked me for two nights at three different places – the first two nights I’ll be in a cabin the rainforest, then two nights at an amazing spa in Arenal, followed up by two nights at a big resort/spa in Guanacaste. Even though I’m not getting my week at  spa, I’m perfectly happy.

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