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91. Make a time capsule with magazines, CDs, photographs, letters and T-shirts, etc

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Updated July 20, 2009

I think the perfect time to do something like this would be right around the time I get pregnant. I could spend the whole nine months collecting up anything relevant and then close it up and seal it away to be opened later – maybe when my son or daughter turns 18 or graduates high school or gets married or has children of his or her own.

The only potential problem is that in an increasingly digital world, data isn’t always easily transferred from one format to another, and storage formats change over time – does anyone have any beta videos or 3.5-inch floppies hanging around? There’s no easy way to get to the data stored on those out of date devices. I’d have to make sure to include any news stories on paper, and if I wanted to include music – well, I have no idea how that would best be stored – CDs? MP3s on a USB stick? 20 or 30 years from now, we’ll likely have moved on to something else entirely. Potentially, I’ll have to do no more than include a list of songs and they’d be instantly available via the internet, probably even more easily and immediately than they are to us now.

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