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78. Interview friends and family with a video camera

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Updated December 14, 2009

When I was little, it was a big deal to have a video camera. They were big and bulky, you had to mess around with crazy little tapes, and I don’t think they even had batteries – I think you were tethered to the nearest outlet.

Now, most cell phones and digital point and shoot cameras can take video. Admittedly, those don’t tend to be the highest quality, but an HD Flip camera can be had for about $200, which is really kind of unbelievable.

The inspiration for this to do item came from a video tape we made of my grandparents. It’s so precious to be able to pop that tape in the VCR ( I guess we really need to convert to DVD soon ) and enjoy them again. Just being themselves, sitting around the house, acting silly, but it’s still them. I can hear their voices, and see their faces, and just remember.

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