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65. Travel alone

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Updated March 7, 2010

Some people don’t like to do anything alone. If there aren’t any friends or family alone, they won’t go out to eat or go to a movie or even shopping.

I’ve never been that kind of person. I enjoy my own company – I have no problem going out to a restaurant, even a really nice restaurant, with just a good book. I’ve taken in lots of movies by myself – nobody eats all the popcorn or junior mints when I’m not looking.

Given my willingness to do things alone, I’m surprised that I haven’t ever taken a solo trip. I’ve flown by myself on a plane, but there were always plans to meet up with friends or family at the other end, so there’s never been an actual solo trip. When I went to Ireland, it happened that my friend Shannon was available and willing to go with me, but if she wasn’t able to go for some reason, I would have gone by myself with no problems.

I will keep this in mind and plan a nice trip for myself.

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