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64. Have a crazy fun water gun fight

My Story

Completed sometime around 1994.

Two friends were out shopping and found those gigantic water pistols with the big reserve tanks and air pumps on clearance half off. They bought four of them and brought them to my house.

Another friend was on her way over. We called her and told her to wear something that could get wet.

When she arrived, she found a filled water gun on my front steps. When she rang the door bell we sabotaged her. We spent the next 45 minutes running around the neighborhood, filling our guns at the kitchen sink, the hose spicket outside, the bathroom sink, and the bathtub, hiding behind the corner of the house and behind trees and bushes, screaming and laughing. By the time we called a truce, we all looked as though we had gone swimming with our clothes on.

I’m sure the neighbors thought we were nuts, but we had a great time.

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