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584. Study witchcraft

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Updated April 4, 2010

I was a great reader when I was a kid – there wasn’t hardly anything I loved as much as books. I had piles of them and regularly visited the library to get even more. Somehow, a book about witchcraft and spells came into my possession – I have no idea where it came from or who bought it for me, but I seem to remember my sister mentioning something about it coming from one of our cousins.

That book thrilled me. As an adult, I picked it up and read through it and it seemed pretty harmless – it was just stories of different cultures who believed in things like voodoo and casting spells – there were no gory details and there wasn’t even anything particularly scary about it. But when I was younger, the book scared and excited me.

There was a small section in the back with some simple spells for finding true love and coming into money – I think the love spell involved hollowing out an apple, filling it with  honey and then writing your love’s name on a slip of paper and putting it inside the apple with the honey. That was about it.

I’d like to study a little more and learn more about witchcraft and where it came from.

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